Just Getting Started

In this ever changing climate in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotech, regulatory affairs, etc., it can be hard to stay informed. Well, I guess that it can be hard for me but it may be easier for other folks. From my graduate school adventures (back in 2008), I found that it was easier for me to stay abreast of changing aspects in my industry when I actively wrote about them. This previous sentiment is a shout out to my Xanga.com blogging days.  I wonder if Xanga’s portal still exists. This blog space will represent my random thoughts about biomedical research, mostly at within the translational and clinical science “realms”, with a dash of medical regulatory affairs.  Although I do some writing in my current position, it is not as much as I like (compared to writing in an academic setting). For this blog, I will try to add a mix of humor, seriousness, and sarcasm to these updates, because writing about biomedicine does not have to be so dry.

Some quick information about me:

I guess this is the part where I show that I am qualified to speak/blog about science. I have been in the biomedical field, as a scientist, for over 10 years. I pretty much did the traditional career path as many scientists have before me – earned a Ph.D. in a specific field (Molecular Oncology and Immunology, in my case), completed postdoctoral training, and now working as a senior scientist in Immuno-Oncology for a small pharmaceutic company. To slightly differentiate myself, I am an adjunct assistant professor of biology at a couple of CUNY schools in the NYC area. I will say that I really love the teaching aspect of being an adjunct professor, because I can be more creative in the realm of scientific/medical education than in my “wet” scientific roles.  In future post, I will go into more detail about my background.

Here’s to my reentry into the blogosphere.


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